Thursday, June 21, 2012

#21 The Zoo

What else can I say but "there's animals everywhere!!!!"  We had a blast as usual looking at all the animals and just spending time together as a family.  Our zoo had a new part open where you can feed the birds.  It was so much fun!  Daddy, Abby and I all had a bird on our hand eating.  Very cool!!!  The only bad thing about our trip was my son had an allergic reaction to something at the zoo.  He didn't react until a little later but he was miserable for a couple of days.  We think it was the bird food so we just need to be careful next time!!  All in all a great day though!!

Lots of turtles :)

Abby looking for dolphins :)

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Bubby feeding the birds :)

Daddy had a bird on his hand :)

Sissy got one now :)

Beautiful Bird :)

I wish I could relax like that!

Petting the sharks :)

#20 Go To The Library

I have to be honest and say that we don't do this enough!  I use to be really good about taking my daughter to the library and the librarians even knew us really well but now we hardly ever go.  I need to change that.  Anyway we went and signed up for the summer reading program.  The children love this program!  My daughter is really into mystery books so all the books she chose were Nancy Drew.  My son on the other hand gets distracted by the toys and computers so we chose his books.  We plan on doing a lot of reading the rest of the summer!  :)

#19 Pencil Stamp Pictures

So we haven't really done a lot before with stamp pads.  I learned quickly that the colors were going to be mixed no matter how hard I tried to stop it.  My son wanted to use the same pencil for every color.  We tried to explain to him that each pencil was for a different color but that didn't seem to make a difference :)  It was so much fun though and we had some beautiful pictures! 

I pick this color and this color and this color!  :)

She was pretty excited about this :) 

I was a little surprised that Daddy agreed to do it but he really enjoyed himself :)

Mommy's Picture :)

Daddy's Picture :)

Bubby's Picture :)

Sissy's Picture :)

#18 Water Balloon Fight

So for the fight we decided to do a sneak attack on Daddy.  The kids and I filled up the water balloons and took them outside.  I then called for my husband and told him I needed him to look at something outside.  Apparently he saw our daughter holding a water balloon because he came out with a glass of water to throw on us :)  We then let him have it!  We had so much fun throwing the balloons at each other.  I just wish they popped easier.  My son just liked us throwing them at his feet.  He giggled so hard every time we did it.  We all got pretty wet.  What a great way to get away from the boredom!  :)

Our stash :)

And the fight begins :)

#17 Make a T-shirt

For Father's Day the kids and I had no idea what to do for a gift.  Let me tell you that I love Pinterest so much!!  I was looking on Pinterest and found a massage t-shirt idea.  You draw a town on the back of a t-shirt and then they put it on and the kids drive cars on it.  That's the massage part of it :)  The kids did such a great job and I helped as well.  Daddy loved his shirt and wore it the day of so we could give it a test drive!  It was perfect!  :)

The finished project!! 

My daughter decided to call it "Daddy's Family Town". 

My son helped to draw the road.  He's 2 :)

My daughter made a frog and dog park.  :) 

#15 and #16 Visit a State Resevoir and Fishing

We love to go to State Parks and hike, have picnics, take pictures, play, etc.  So we thought it might be nice to see what makes the resevoir so different from the State Parks.  Although we didn't see huge differences the water area at the resevoir was gorgeous.  The resevoir we selected allowed fishing in certain spots so we decided to do two things in one trip.  Getting all 101 things done this summer doesn't seem very possible but we decided to try to do as much as we can.  Let's see how close we can actually get to that number :)  My children have both been fishing before but my son doesn't really understand the concept still.  My daughter is better at fishing than I am.  I haven't been fishing in years and I was surprised to find out how relaxing it could actually be.  My husband is crazy about fishing and could do it all the time.  That's why it's on the bucket list.  A new adventure that the whole family enjoyed.  Just take a look!!!

They just wanted to play in the water at first :)

I guess he thought you have to hold the fishing pole down :)

Abby is a natural :)

I decided to use my son's little fishing pole.  It just made things easier for me :)

There's our expert fisherman!  :)

I caught the first fish!!!!  :)

Daddy caught one next!!!  :)

Next was my daughter!!!  :) 

#14 Eyespy Bottles

So my family loves playing the game of eye spy in the books as well as on the Wii.  That's why I thought it would be fun for us to find some little things and make an eye spy bottle with them.  Then we can play with the bottles whenever we want!  :)  It was so much fun!  Loved it! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

#13 The Pool!

So no pictures for this one surprisingly.  We went over to my in-laws and swam in the pool.  It was so much fun that I forgot about the camera.  That hardly ever happens to me ;)  Although many flips were done in the pool I was not one of them to do it.  My son kept throwing the beach ball out of the pool and climbing out using the ladder to get it.  That was much more fun than swimming I guess!  Good times!

Friday, June 15, 2012

#12 Waterpark

My husband is all about waterparks but me not so much.  I can handle the lazy river but I don't ride any slides.  The kids loved this one because it had an area just for them!  We started off in the kid's area and then went to the lazy river.  I was surprised to find out that the lazy river was a favorite of everyone!  It was so much fun!  Plus we got to invite a very special boy to come along with us!  It was great!

#10 and #11 Family Wii Game and Let's Play It!

So this one I really enjoyed as well!  We went to the best game store ever, Game Stop!  Love this store because you can buy games preowned and if you wait long enough they are pretty cheap.  We went in looking for a family game and ended up with two :)  One game was a Disney Trivia game and the other a Disney Game as well that has some adventure with it.  As soon as we got home we played the games.  We had a blast and the trivia game was a lot more fun than originally expected.  We want to invite a bunch of people over to play!  You in?!?  ;)

#9 Half Price Books!

I'm a teacher so of course one thing that I really want to encourage my children to do is read.  It's so important for their success!!!!  I think it is so fun when they can go into a book store and pick out some books that they want to read!  I don't always have to pick them out for them even though that is something that I really enjoy!  The kids love it too!  I think they made some great choices!  My son only chose one book but the other item he chose will be put to great use!  I'm so excited to sit down and read with my children!  Let's go!!!

She is so into chapter books and especially ones that involve mystery!  The great thing about her books as well is that we got to books she loved for $1.50!  I love this store!  :)

He loves cars so of course he would pick a cars book!  Plus he chose a Bob the Tomato Bible case!  I love it! 

#7 and #8 Children's Museum with Carousel Ride :)

The great thing about our bucket list is that you can put some things together like we did this time.  We went to the Children's Museum and boy did we have fun!  We went to the Dinosphere first.  Alex didn't want to go in because of the sound effects but when he finally went in loved it.  Abby just flew right in like she owned the place ;)  We also went to the Lego Exhibit (Family Favorite), Hot Wheels Exhibit (Alex Favorite), and the National Treasures Exhibit (Abby Favorite).  We kept pretty busy!  Then we decided to finish off the day with a ride on their beautiful carousel!  All in all an amazing day with an amazing friend!  Thanks Judy!!!!

Looking at the dinosaurs!  My daughter loves that there is a dinosaur named after her!

Looking at the silly dinosaur part of the exhibit.

Big Sis and Little Brother racing Lego Cars!

Abby driving?!?  Not any time soon!!!!  Especially with Bubby in the car!

"Swimming in the ocean" ;)

Digging for lost warriors.

Finally the carousel!

Let's go around already!  ;)

#6 Frisbee Golf

You see my husband and I are big fans of frisbee golf hence why it is on the bucket list.  The problem with it this time was it was so hot that the kids and I wanted to stop after 3 holes.  Daddy wasn't too happy but we just couldn't go on!  Did we still have fun you ask?  As my son would say, "Of Course!" 

The turtle we found while walking to the course :)

Well you know that Abby had to go first!

Trying to make it in the basket!

Alex's pose after he threw the frisbee.  :)

Daddy is pretty good ;)

Mommy giving it a shot!  Watch out Alex!