Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#49 Rain Painting

We were so excited to see the rain fall today!  It has been a while since we've had a rain that lasted more than a couple of minutes.  We decided that this would be the pirfect time to work on our rain painting.

We got a piece of paper and each of us picked a color for the paper.  We then made some strokes of paint all over the paper.  Then working together held the paper and walked into the rain.  Yes we got a little wet but that's okay.  We let the rain hit the paper.  It was neat to see some of the water causes the paint to splash in different places.  The paint didn't move around as much as I thought it would but it was still fun standing out in the rain with my kiddos!  Here is our finished piece :)

#48 Finger Painting

Well it's hard to believe it but the kids have used almost all of my finger paints.  They love it!  I guess I'll just have to go get some more ;)  Today was fun.  My son decided to get some paint, rub a little on the paper and then rub the rest on his hand. Needless to say his hand was very colorful!

He had fun though and made a beautiful picture.  Of course as his mother I would absolutely love any picture that he made :)

I told you he would rub a little on the paper and then the rest on his hands!

My daughter kept getting aggravated at me while she was painting.  Mommy stop taking pictures until it is completely done!  She doesn't like me to see her work until she is finished. 

My daughter is an artist or at least that's my opinion.  She always impresses me with her beautiful pieces of art.  The following picture shows her desert, during the sunset, and the objects are shadows with the sun going down.  I love it bunches!

The objects from left to right are a rock, camel, the sun, a flower, and a cactus.  She had me help finish painting the sky because it was taking a long time.  I gave them big pieces of paper this time :)  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#47 Glow In The Dark Bowling

This activity had the whole family excited!  I gathered together some water bottles that I had been saving and filled them back up with water ;)  I then broke open the package of glow sticks and lit them up and put one glow stick in each of the ten bottles.  Well that was really all there was to it! 

After that we set the ten pins up, grabbed a big ball and started rolling.  We played for at least 30 minutes!  The kids would say 1, 2, 3 Go!  Then it changed to 1, 2,3 Hike!  LOL!  It was so funny!

It was almost impossible to get good pictures except with my flash.  We really did have all the lights turned off in the house.  Plus I gave each person a glow in the dark bracelet so we could tell where everybody was.  My son probably got the most excited.  He just kept jumping up and down and screaming.  This will be one that we definitely do time and time again :)

#46 Straw Splatter Painting

So the idea for this project was to take paint, drip it on the paper and use straws to splatter it every where.  That so did not work for us!  I guess we didn't have the best straws though.  So we switched to regular painting and I did a little splatter painting. 

My son did a little splatter painting and regular painting combined :)

Daddy created his own new flower with the paint.  He asked me if I liked it.  What am I supposed to say but yes ;D

I do think Daddy did a pretty good job with his inventive flower :)  My daughter on the other hand painted a frog with a lily pad.  I love that she even included a flower on the lily pad!  It really brought the picture together!  I may just have to hang it up some where to show it off to everyone.  I have an artist in my house! 

I love how the frog is even jumping in the air.  She really thought this picture out I think :)  I'm so proud of her.  I really do think she enjoys are immensely.  I think I may have to go get her a paint set of her own to play around with!  We all had a good time painting and everybody got a little messy but Mommy.  There is a first time for everything!  :)

#45 Visit A New Park

Okay so we were so crazy today!  We decided to go to a new park today with the kids and then passed by another new park and decided to go there too!  Two new parks in one day you say?  Oh yeah we did!  :)  They were very different and both very fun!  The first park we went to was more like a tree house style park.  There were levels to the playground equipment and the highest section made me so nervous with my two year old! 

You can't really see the lower section of the playground because this area was so big.  They had a couple of mini climbing walls which my husband and daughter loved!

The next thing we decided to do was the swings!  I love to feel the air in my face.  There is just something calming about it all.  My children don't usually last too long on the swings unless there is some kind of contest but I could stay on the swing just about all day!

Once we were done exploring this park you might think that we would go straight home.  Going to the park does wear me out but we decided it would be so much fun to just stop by another new park.  This one I liked better for my two year old!  They had some bouncy animals as well as a car and a huge dinosaur that was actually steps.  Too fun!

Yes, even Daddy decided to take a drive but I don't think that is the proper way to drive a car ;)  I would never get on the kiddy things like that...well any way!  Onto our next adventure!

#44 Sock War

I have to be honest here.  My husband and I would have sock wars before we had children and adding children to the mix made it even better :) 

You see my husband had been gone for 3 days as a camp counselor and we wanted to do something special for him when he came home.  What would be better than our favorite sock war.  So my daughter, son and I gathered up the socks, turned the couch (That's the dividing wall) and kept watch.  We knew about what time he would be coming home and we wanted to be ready. 

He finally came home and walked in the door to find "nobody" in the living room.  We then popped out from behind the couch and attacked him.  Do you think I took pictures? Of course not!  We were having too much fun getting Daddy!  He ended up jumping over the couch and attacking "our team" :)  It was a great way to welcome Daddy home!  He was so excited to see us!  

#43 Walk in Creek Bed

Well this one we really didn't plan out.  We decided it would be a nice day to go to the park and just spend some time together as a family.  We didn't even think of the creek until we saw the trail that lead down to it and we decided, why not?  Because we have had so little rain the creek was very low and was easy to walk through. 

My daughter and son loved it!  They thought it was so neat to walk through.  My son decided that he needed to lean down and ouch the water.  The only thing wrong with him reaching down to touch the water is he ends up sticking his whole bottom in the water.  We have to constantly get him up.  We should have just brought swim diapers I guess.  : /

It was also very neat to get a chance to look at all the fish in the water.  We saw a few different types but I could only get pictures of one :(

Can you see them?  Pretty cool I think :)  It was all in all a great time for our family and we even took a hike through the park afterwards.  It was so nice to be outside and it not be too scorching hot.  Until our next adventure!  :)