Saturday, July 7, 2012

#30 Vinegar Color Fizz

Man am I glad to see that we now have 30 things done!  With our schedules and camps it's hard to get things done over the summer.  I thought about cutting our list down but decided against it after talking with the family!  Everyone wants to get everything done on the bucket list!  So number 30 is our vinegar project.  We colored vinegar and put a bunch of baking soda in a casserole dish.  We then used a dropper and slowly dropped the different colors onto the baking soda.  The kids and even we parents thought it was pretty cool.  The reaction with the bubbling of the vinegar was memorizing.  After dropping for a little while we decided to just dump a whole cup in there.  The bubbling was really good then and we finished off our last 5 cups of colored vinegar.  Fun and colorful!  You can't beat that :)

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