Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#45 Visit A New Park

Okay so we were so crazy today!  We decided to go to a new park today with the kids and then passed by another new park and decided to go there too!  Two new parks in one day you say?  Oh yeah we did!  :)  They were very different and both very fun!  The first park we went to was more like a tree house style park.  There were levels to the playground equipment and the highest section made me so nervous with my two year old! 

You can't really see the lower section of the playground because this area was so big.  They had a couple of mini climbing walls which my husband and daughter loved!

The next thing we decided to do was the swings!  I love to feel the air in my face.  There is just something calming about it all.  My children don't usually last too long on the swings unless there is some kind of contest but I could stay on the swing just about all day!

Once we were done exploring this park you might think that we would go straight home.  Going to the park does wear me out but we decided it would be so much fun to just stop by another new park.  This one I liked better for my two year old!  They had some bouncy animals as well as a car and a huge dinosaur that was actually steps.  Too fun!

Yes, even Daddy decided to take a drive but I don't think that is the proper way to drive a car ;)  I would never get on the kiddy things like that...well any way!  Onto our next adventure!

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