Saturday, July 7, 2012

#34 Pom-Pom Shooter

So we were going to use marshmallows for this but you ended up using pom pom balls so now we made a pom pom shooter.  We used 2 plastic cups and a balloon.  Depending on how you place that balloon on your cup and how low you cut the cup those little balls can fly across the room.  My children decided that they did not want to shoot these little balls one at a time.  Instead they did it a bunch at a time and my daughter kept calling out 'CONFETTI!!!!!!'  :)  It was too cute and they definitely had fun with this one.  We didn't play as much with these though.  I think because it would be more fun outside and it is too hot to go out today. Maybe another date we will see how far and how high we can shoot these little balls but for right now we are chillaxin!  :)

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