Saturday, July 7, 2012

#27 Paint with Water

I thought since we were going outside to just draw with water on the sidewalk that the kids might get bored pretty quickly.  I used mustard and ketchup bottles from the dollar store as our water squirters.  They were perfect.  The kids ran outside with me and we started taking turns painting with water.  They had so much fun that we actually had to fill up the bottle 3 different times.  Some may not think that is much but that water lasts in those bottles.  It was amazing.  We made all kinds of pictures from cars to acorns to flowers.  We are going to have to do it again really soon!!!

I think my son tried to draw a car every time! 

I love it when they work together so well!

She was making a sailboat.  :)

My flower :)

My daughter made a picture of me :)

Happy face :)

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