Saturday, July 7, 2012

#25 Go to the Movies

Our family, except my son who is 2, loves movies.  We decided that we would go see a movie.  After all what's better than sitting back, relaxing and eating some popcorn?!?  :)  We saw the move Madagascar 3.  It was so cute and very funny.  We will probably end up buying it when it comes out.  My son had to be taken out about 3 times because he got very bored with the movie.  We went and got some popcorn.  We went and washed our hands (his favorite past time it seems, not a bad one to have).  Okay well maybe only twice because I can't think of another thing we did.  The movie was also in 3D.  My son would not keep those glasses on to save his life :)  He would toss them around or just lay them in his lap.  He was too cool to have those glasses on ;) 

We are having way too much fun ;)

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