Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#47 Glow In The Dark Bowling

This activity had the whole family excited!  I gathered together some water bottles that I had been saving and filled them back up with water ;)  I then broke open the package of glow sticks and lit them up and put one glow stick in each of the ten bottles.  Well that was really all there was to it! 

After that we set the ten pins up, grabbed a big ball and started rolling.  We played for at least 30 minutes!  The kids would say 1, 2, 3 Go!  Then it changed to 1, 2,3 Hike!  LOL!  It was so funny!

It was almost impossible to get good pictures except with my flash.  We really did have all the lights turned off in the house.  Plus I gave each person a glow in the dark bracelet so we could tell where everybody was.  My son probably got the most excited.  He just kept jumping up and down and screaming.  This will be one that we definitely do time and time again :)

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