Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#43 Walk in Creek Bed

Well this one we really didn't plan out.  We decided it would be a nice day to go to the park and just spend some time together as a family.  We didn't even think of the creek until we saw the trail that lead down to it and we decided, why not?  Because we have had so little rain the creek was very low and was easy to walk through. 

My daughter and son loved it!  They thought it was so neat to walk through.  My son decided that he needed to lean down and ouch the water.  The only thing wrong with him reaching down to touch the water is he ends up sticking his whole bottom in the water.  We have to constantly get him up.  We should have just brought swim diapers I guess.  : /

It was also very neat to get a chance to look at all the fish in the water.  We saw a few different types but I could only get pictures of one :(

Can you see them?  Pretty cool I think :)  It was all in all a great time for our family and we even took a hike through the park afterwards.  It was so nice to be outside and it not be too scorching hot.  Until our next adventure!  :)

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