Saturday, July 7, 2012

#31 & #32 Ivory Soap Cloud and Paint

So I found on Pinterest where people were talking about a soap cloud in the microwave and I knew that our family would definitely want to try it!!!!  Ivory Soap only is what everyone stated so I made sure I went out and bought Ivory :)  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical but thought hey it's only $1.00 for three bars.  Once in the microwave it was only a few seconds before it started to do what looked like bubbling but ended up looking like this small cloud that just kept growing in size.  It was really super cool!  We didn't let it go the full 2 minutes like some had stated because it just stopped growing.  It was really cool though!  Falls apart in your hands but isn't soft like a cloud for sure!  We broke it apart and made a mess in our kitchen but it was so worth it.  Plus the kitchen smelled fabulous!!!! 

Then I saw another post from someone about using the soap clouds to do other things.  They recommened making paint so we went for it!  We choose our food coloring and mixed some water with the cloud and placed the mixture in ziploc bags.  The paint was a little hard to squeeze out of the bags at times and wasn't as smooth as I would like but still very nice and the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves.  Even Daddy painted in the bath tub.  My son just kept saying Eeeewwwwww!!!  He thought it was gross but couldn't stop touching it!  What a great afternoon!!!  :) 

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