Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#48 Finger Painting

Well it's hard to believe it but the kids have used almost all of my finger paints.  They love it!  I guess I'll just have to go get some more ;)  Today was fun.  My son decided to get some paint, rub a little on the paper and then rub the rest on his hand. Needless to say his hand was very colorful!

He had fun though and made a beautiful picture.  Of course as his mother I would absolutely love any picture that he made :)

I told you he would rub a little on the paper and then the rest on his hands!

My daughter kept getting aggravated at me while she was painting.  Mommy stop taking pictures until it is completely done!  She doesn't like me to see her work until she is finished. 

My daughter is an artist or at least that's my opinion.  She always impresses me with her beautiful pieces of art.  The following picture shows her desert, during the sunset, and the objects are shadows with the sun going down.  I love it bunches!

The objects from left to right are a rock, camel, the sun, a flower, and a cactus.  She had me help finish painting the sky because it was taking a long time.  I gave them big pieces of paper this time :)  

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