Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#44 Sock War

I have to be honest here.  My husband and I would have sock wars before we had children and adding children to the mix made it even better :) 

You see my husband had been gone for 3 days as a camp counselor and we wanted to do something special for him when he came home.  What would be better than our favorite sock war.  So my daughter, son and I gathered up the socks, turned the couch (That's the dividing wall) and kept watch.  We knew about what time he would be coming home and we wanted to be ready. 

He finally came home and walked in the door to find "nobody" in the living room.  We then popped out from behind the couch and attacked him.  Do you think I took pictures? Of course not!  We were having too much fun getting Daddy!  He ended up jumping over the couch and attacking "our team" :)  It was a great way to welcome Daddy home!  He was so excited to see us!  

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